Ariana Ellis is a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, studying late medieval and early modern history. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto (2015), and a Masters in medieval studies from the University of Toronto (2016), where she was a Junior Fellow at Massey College from 2015-2020. 
Ariana’s work focuses on the interaction between popular culture and the civic rituals of public execution in London and Venice between 1400 and 1600. She employs methodologies of social, sensory, and emotional history, as well as digital humanities. Previously, she worked as an intern with the University of St. Andrews’ Open Virtual Worlds Group

2011-2015: Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto
2015-2016: Master of Arts, University of Toronto, Centre for Medieval Studies
2016-Present: PhD, University of Toronto, Department of History
Photo Credit: Dewey Chang Photography
Grants, Awards, and Recognitions 
Gladys Krieble Delmas Venetian Research Program Grant | 2021-22 |
SGS Research Travel Grant | 2021 |
Medieval Academy of America Schallek Award | 2020 |
Junior Fellow Massey College | 2015-2020 |
Centre for Medieval Studies Thirtieth Anniversary Award | 2018 |
John Leyerle Bursary | 2016 |
Mary H. Beatty Fellowship | 2015-2016 |
Masters SSHRC- Canada Graduate Scholarship | 2015-2016 |
University of Toronto General Motors Award II for Women in Science and Math | 2012-2015 |
NASA International Space Settlement Award |Second Place for Literary Merit | 2010 |
University of Toronto TA Teaching Excellence Award | 2021 |
Accepted Member | Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice | January-May 2022
Member | Canadian Historical Association| 2021-Present
Member | Renaissance Society of America | 2018-Present
Member | Social History Society| 2018-Present
Member | Medieval Academy of America | 2017-Present
Member | Old Books New Science Digital Lab | University of Toronto | 2015-Present
Member | Open Virtual Worlds Team | University of St. Andrews | 2014-2016, Present
Member | UK Richard III Society | 2010-2014; 2016-Present
Co-Chair| Massey College Accessibility Committee | 2019-2020

Research Assistantships
Research Assistant | University of Toronto- The Decima Project | August 2019-Present
Research Assistant | Dr. Alexandra Bolintineanu | May 2019-September 2019
Research Assistant | President Of Victoria University In The University Of Toronto | June 2015-December 2019